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VerseOne Distribution

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Every verse counts. Your music, your rights.


VerseOne Distribution offers independent artists and labels free digital music and publishing services. We are a group of music industry veterans who strive to give back power to the artists/creators. Just because you're not signed to a label doesn't mean you don't deserve to be heard. We're here to help make that happen.

Our services:

  • Digital Music Distribution: We distribute your music and music videos to 280+ digital music stores.
  • Digital Music Publishing: Publish your music with us to protect your copyrights. We help collect royalties from collection societies around the world.
  • Promotional Services: Want your music featured on playlists or your album reviewed? We'll help with that.



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We recognize that music distribution is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to an independent artist's journey. Therefore, we've taken feedback from real musicians and completely transformed our user system to include tools and features so artists can better finetune their promotional strategies.

Our software allows users to easily distribute their music or music video releases to over 280 digital streaming platforms. Users can also see all their releases, analytic reports, and royalty balances in one centralized location. Our system includes but is not limited to:

- Radio Airplay Tracking
- Music Charts Tracking
- Artist Social Media Stats Tracking
- Dolby Atmos Audio File Conversion
- Deep Analytic Reports
- Bulk drag n' drop file uploading for audio and video distribution.
- Video Thumbnail Generator
- Apple Music Video ProRes Encoding
- Royalty Reports and Customized Payouts
- User ID Verification

Our services are 100% free with no hidden fees.

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Beijing, People's Republic of China