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You can submit a listing if you build tools, products or services for music that have the potential to further develop the creative or economic opportunities for artists, the music industry, or if you create new experiences for music listeners and fans.

You can submit a listing if you find yourself on the list of eligible contributors here in the tab “For whom”. If you feel like someone is missing, please get in touch.

For now, you can add two different kind of listing types.

Products & Services: Everything from hacks, research results, prototypes or MVPs to finished products and services. Here are all categories.

Innovator & Organizations: Information about yourself, your research group, your project team, startup or company and any other organization that belongs to the music tech ecosystem. Check this list.

More listing types will follow soon.

1) Click on “ADD YOUR LISTING” and select the type of listing you would like to submit.

2) Fill out the form and send it.

3) You will get an email as soon as your listing is approved and online.

4) You can always edit or delete your listings in your account under “My Listings”.

I am personally reviewing each listing. Depending on the amount of submissions, this process might take up to 24 hours. I am doing this only to keep the Music Tech Directory clean from spam and to avoid irrelevant, non-music-tech-related submissions. So, please bear with me if it takes a bit.

You will get an email and your listing will appear online as soon as it is approved.

The Music Tech Directory will be accessible for free to everyone. Always!

If you would like to submit listings yourself, you can add up to 2 listings for for free. Those listings will be online until you delete it.

Additionally, you can buy further listings for the categories “Products & Services” and “Innovators & Organisations”. Each additional listing costs 2 Euro/month. Those additinal listings will be online for 365 days with an option to extend it at the end of each period.

More listing types will follow.

I believe that this is a fair solution that allows everyone to contribute to the Music Tech Directory and showcase their music tech innovation or/and expertise to the world.

There are a few spaces that you can book if the content your are planning to advertise for has context to music technology.

Please get in touch.

Please reach out if you are interested in supoorting the Music Tech Directory directly.  There are different options for you to become a partner of it.

The Music Tech Directory’s main purpose is to make information on music technology innovation available and accesible to everyone. You can see it as very reduced version of “Yellow Pages” meets “Crunchbase”; just with a pure focus on music tech.

Additional features for the Music Tech Directory are in the making. Stay tuned or reach out if you have suggestions.

Do you have an issue with something or did you find a bug?

Please send us an email and explain your problem in as much detail as possible.

We will get back to you asap.

I am working on two more listing types at the moment. Those will be released soon-ish.

Additional features are also in the making. 🙂

The Music Tech Directory is an initiative, created by Matthias Strobel.

I built it and I will maintain it with the help of my partner organizations. I couldn’t do it without them.

I am not a coder nor a designer. I used the tools available and thought myself a bit of html and CSS. Please bear with me if you find any bugs. If your are a developer or web designer and you are willing to further develop the Music Tech Directory with me, please send me an email

The idea of building this Music Tech Directory is to solve one of the main challenges in music tech. Access to information about the music tech sector in all its facets.

The entire area of music tech is vast and its structure very fragmented. That makes it difficult and extremely time-consuming to research products & services or people & organizations in that field. Hence, faster tracks to innovation would be easier to achieve if access to information and global resources would be equally accessible for everyone.

Solving those challenges is what I am aiming towards with the Music Tech Directory. A participatory platform that aims to become the one-stop digital resource on music technology solutions and the overall music tech landscape. A directory on which everyone who works in music tech can showcase their products & services or list themselves and their organizations.

It shall also serve as a holistic innovation database for musicians, artists and anyone who works in the music industry(and beyond) to assist in finding new tools and services.

Basically, a very reduced version of” Yellow Pages” meet “Crunchbase” with a pure focus on music tech. 😉

The legal entity who operates this website is WickedWork UG (haftungsbeschränkt) of which Matthias Strobel is the CEO.

You can find more information about the ownership here. If you have questions, please get in touch.

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