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Music and technology have always been interconnected but innovation happens only when information is accessible, fields intersect, and people connect. That's why we are building a global platform with a database of all creative people and organisations who work with music-technology. The MusicTech.Directory will become the central destination for the world's music-tech innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, startups, research groups, and many more.

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Successful products, platforms and services for music require access to information and exchange of knowledge.
The digital transformation of music and its industry is an opportunity to rethink how business is conducted, how artists are treated and how music is valued. Inevitably the music business will keep altering and the changes will most likely come from outside the traditional music industry. New solutions will rise from the bottom up, initiated by music-loving developers and passionate entrepreneurs.

Transdiciplinary collaborations are key to alleviate present challenges, ignite change and recreate the music ecosystem.
With the increasing impact that technology already has on the creation, distribution, promotion and consumption of music, alliances between traditional music organisations, tech providers, research groups and innovative artists are crucial to successfully meet the individual needs of all parties involved.

Lack of exposure can kill even the best idea — simply because nobody knows it exists.
It is difficult to keep track of the vast arsenals of music-tech tools which are at our disposal today. So far, there has been no central destination to search for music-tech projects, products or services.

The MusicTech.Directory is going to change this.

It will embrace entrepreneurship, amplify the exposure of existing solutions and enable more applied innovation through collaboration. The MusicTech.Directory will allow you to discover new technologies, connect with music-tech innovators, and identify future trends and new emerging value creation opportunities for music.

All in one place.

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