Showcasing innovators and their works, the Music Tech Directory gives people access to information about tools, services, hacks, research findings and prototypes that have the potential to unlock new ways of creative expression as well as economic opportunities for artists and the music industry.

With the focus on music and technology, this platform is built to empower all innovators – from startups and corporates, coders and makers, event organisors and curators, manufacturers and designers, consultants and service providers, as well as business, science and research experts – helping everyone connect with artists, audiences, collaborators, and partners to achieve their goals.

Music Technology is a broad term that is difficult to define.


Music and technology are very interconnected. In fact, it is difficult to find a musical activity that is not impacted by technology. In certain circumstances, the technology is obvious, such as performances with digital or physical musical instruments, microphones, computer-aided playback tools, interactive sound installations or the use of mixers in the recording studio. But acoustic musicians also use technology. You could compose music using notation software, a recording app or a hardware recorder for rehearsels or concerts, or audio software to create demos.

Without technology, music would be mostly created only by singing, clapping, whistling and stomping and only the people who are present at the time of music-making could listen to it. Music could not be recorded, distributed or re-played.

Music technology has undergone drastic changes over the past century and will undoubtly continue to develop in the future.

Emerging technologies have changed the entire value chain of music. From composition to production, distribution and curation to consumption. Technically, a musician nowadays could go all the way along the value chain without any intermediates involved. This also belongs to the consumer. Music is accessible for everyone from everywhere now and you can literally go with it wherever you want.

Technologies that can be applied to music continue to evolve on a daily basis with many exciting opportunities for artists and the music industry looming on the horizon but lack of exposure can kill even the best idea if only few know it exists.

A global database and one-stop digital ressource for music technology.

The Music Tech Directory is the one-stop digital resource on innovative music technology solutions and the overall music tech landscape, accessible to everyone. It embraces a global enrepreneurial spirit and seeks to increase the visibility of existing solutions to further the application of new technologies and business models.

The Music Tech Directory also serves as an innovation database for musicians, artists and anyone who works in the music industry to assist in finding new tools and services. It enables free-ofcharge discovery of new technologies, to connect with music tech innovators and to identify future trends and new emerging value creation opportunities for music.

The Music Tech Directory shall serve as a participatory innovation ecosystem that allows music tech innovators to showcase their work, disclose remarkable ideas, connect with others, research competitors and explore synergies or identify new areas of growth. It empowers artists and music industry professionals to find tools that can open up new creative and economic opportunities.

Display, Discover, Connect, Collaborate.


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Music and technology have always been interconnected but innovation happens only when information is accessible, fields intersect, and people connect.

The music creation process as well as the economic value chain for music is driven by technological solutions more than ever today but the global ecosystem of music technology is broad and, in its structure, very fragmented. Information about existing music tech startups, enterprises, research projects, hackathon results, prototypes, products, services or any other technological innovation for music is difficult to find.

It’s very time consuming for investors and willing collaborators to search and locate music tech innovators. Innovative hacks at hackathons are mostly not being further developed, even though they might have the potential to create an impact. Artists, managers, and other music industry professionals find it hard to gain knowledge about products and services that could enhance their business or open new doors for creative expression. As sole innovator, it’s very difficult to find matching collaborators and connect with them.

Successful development of products, platforms and services for music require access to information and exchange of knowledge.

Transdiciplinary collaborations are key to alleviate present challenges, ignite change and further develop the music ecosystem. Collaborative innovation and access to information on available tools and future trends are crucial success factors for artists, the music industry, music tech startups, researchers and investors alike in order to meet the individual needs of all parties involved.

It is difficult to keep track of the vast arsenals of music tech tools which are at our disposal today but lack of exposure can kill even the best idea — simply because nobody knows it exists.

Engange & Prosper !


Get exposure and connect to new opportunities!

Submit a listign to the Music Tech Directory and show your music tech solution to the world. Position your brand and story at large and increase visibility. Prove your business concept and provide as much information as possible to be discovered. Put yourself, your company or your project on the radar of potential collaborators, artists, music industry professionals, the media and investors.


Search for music tech innovators, products and services!

It is difficult to find business information about private and public music tech organizations online. The Music Tech Directory gives you first-hand access to entrepreneurs, startups, researchers and new tools for music. Search your competitors and see who might be the perfect fit for future collaborations. Get to know other innovators, read their story, learn about their solutions, and reach out to them.


Explore and analyze the coolest cats in music tech!

Keeping track of all music tech tools and innovators out there gets more and more difficult. Identifying the companies that are close to your own is even harder. Music tech accelerators, incubators, pitch competitions and calls for participation are spread throughout the entire internet and it is extremely time-consuming to find the ones which are relevant to your business. Information about music tech IPs, research projects, available open-source tools, investors, mentors or advisors for music tech are basically non-existing.

The Music Tech Directory allows you to discover, bookmark and connect with people and organizations that have developed new solutions for music, artists and fans. It helps you to identify key figures of companies and to explore future trends, which could bring added value to music and the industry that thrives it. All in one place.


Attract and connect to alleviate common challenges!

There has never been a better chance to involve people from all around the world in your projects.

Build relationships, transfer knowledge, exchange experiences, learn from each other, find synergies and collaborate with people from different disciplines. Engage with possible partners, lawyers and investors.

Connecting with different organizations empowers you to develop and advance your own business and helps other companies and professionals to integrate your music tech solution into their products and services.


Don’t get lost in dark rabbit holes. Pursue, collaborate and grow!

An entrepreneur’s secret weapon is the identification of potential collaborators that have what you don’t have and the speed of adjustment and execution of opportunities for strategic partnerships.

Stop wasting time exploring the internet. Filter the Music Tech Directory database according to your needs. Bookmark your favorites. Request introductions from your connections to meet the people you want to do business with. Find investors and collaborators. Partner with innovative teams and research groups.

A Platform For The Creators Of Tomorrow’s Music Ecosystem.


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in the area of music tech.


A fair deal.


The Music Tech Directory will be accessible for free to everyone. Always!

1) You can submit two listings for FREE. Those listings can be edited at any time and will be online until you delete it.

2) If you would like to add more than just two listings, you buy additional listings for the categories “Products & Services” and “Innovators & Organisations”.  Each of those listings costs 2 Euro/month and will be online for 365 days with an option to extend it at the end of each period.

More listing types will be added to the Music Tech Directory soon.


We believe that this is a fair solution that allows everyone to become part of the Music Tech Directory and showcase their innovation or/and expertise to the world.

Everyone who buys an additional listing also helps to keep the Music Tech Directory alive and contributes to a more connected music ecosystem.


20% of all profit that the Music Tech Directory might generate one day, will go to NGOs that work on solutions for a more accessible and inclusive music ecosystem or will be invested in hackathons that serve those purposes.


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