About the MusicTech.Directory

Why we are building it

The global ecosystem of music technology is broad and, in its structure, very fragmented. Even though we live in a highly connected world, no single source for information on music-tech had been established so far.


  • Information about existing music-tech startups, enterprises, research findings, open source projects, hackathon results, prototypes, or any other technological innovation for music is difficult to find. 
  • It’s very time consuming for investors and willing collaborators to search and locate music-tech solutions.
  • Innovative hacks at hackathons are mostly not being further developed, even though they might have the potential to create an impact on music. 
  • Artists, managers, and music industry professionals are lacking on knowledge about products and services that could enhance their business or open new doors for creative expression. 
  • As sole innovator, it’s almost impossible to find matching collaborators and connect with them.


Innovation is too important to be left to chance.

In a technology-driven world, collaborative innovation is an essential success factor for the development of products and services, especially for solutions that are nurturing the transformation processes of the music-ecosystem in the digital age. 

Our mission for the MusicTech.Directory is simple: Providing a single destination on the internet where music-technology innovation can be exposed and all information about the current music-tech landscape is accessible. At the same time serving as an interactive online-platform to connect the bright minds who are the creators of new solutions for music with each other and with potential partners.


The MusicTech.Directory shall become a platform that covers every facet of music-tech innovation on one central location, tailor-made for the demands and distinctive needs of organizations and people working with music technology. A participatory innovation ecosystem beyond national borders that allows music-tech innovators to uncover remarkable ideas, connect with each other, identify new fields of growth and work on the development of future products and services. It shall foster the collaborative development of trailblazing innovation that will enable new creative and economic opportunities for music. 

What to expect 

The goal is to amplify the exposure of existing music-tech solutions, embrace entrepreneurship, enable more collaborations, lower the barriers for networking and knowledge sharing, while enabling faster tracks to applied innovation and creating more transparent investment opportunities.

Novel features as well as tools that have been proven to be useful to the music-tech community will be adapted on the MusicTech.Directory.


You will be able to: 

  • Expose your project in many different ways
  • Unleash your professional network
  • Search for specific people, learn about them and build meaningful connections
  • Spark conversations and stay in the loop
  • Acquire know-how and share your experience with others
  • Explore existing solutions and identify future trends
  • Find and follow the sources of information that matter to you
  • Track and evaluate every startup, university, or invention that could change the trajectory of your company
  • Secure partnerships with businesses, universities and research laboratories and develop innovative projects
  • Scout, accelerate, partner, or invest in external opportunities
  • Harness the power of global collaboration on unique solutions and leverage your ideas
  • Connect with local music-tech scenes

Who is behind it 

What YOU can do

We strongly believe that the most effective and satisfying way to innovate and start something new is through collaborative thinking, joint efforts, shared networks, exchange of knowledge and openness towards new ideas.

This is also our approach towards the creation of the MusicTech.Directory. 


You would do us a big favor if you would: 

  • Engage your network across the planet and spread the word about the MusicTech.Directory in any possible way.
  • Follow us on “Social” Media to stay up2date on the development of the MusicTech.Directory.
  • Write us and tell us what you wish to see as feature on the MusicTech.Directory.
  • Bear with us and be patient. We will keep you posted and share our roadmap with you soon. 

Let’s connect and join forces !

Do you want to get involved?

We are open to collaborations and partnerships.