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MyPart is a AI powered platform 'leapfrogging' song search


MyPart is a game changing AI powered platform 'leapfrogging' song search. We're working with five of the top ten music companies and are proud graduates of Universal Music's exclusive Abbey Road's RED program in London. Among other publications, we were featured on Music.allyTechCrunchHeadStuff and cTech, and have won the MassChallenge IL 2018 Gold Award and the DLD Innovation competition's 2nd place.

Award Winning Technology 

Our proprietary 'Song Mining' platform conducts deep and granular analysis of lyrical and musical relevance based on a wide technology stack to determine the likelihood of relevance of any song to any set of reference songs. 

Game Changing Products

Based on the above technology, we've developed two game-changing products for music companies and artists:
  • Songmine turns any Music Catalog into a Song Mine. It offers Music Publishers, Record-Labels and performing artists to define their day-to-day needs using reference songs, and receive a sorted and prioritized queue of potential songs gathering dust in music publishing catalogs or submitted by talented songwriters from around the globe.  By doing so, MyPart dramatically improves the ability of talented music executives to spot relevant songs and best utilize their existing catalog or the avalanche of new material coming their way, thus maximizing catalog revenues by pinpointing long forgotten gems
  • Song Sourcing Songwriters Portal allows instant discovery of songwriting talent from around the globe. Musicians and songwriters submit their songs to be crunched by MyPart and matched with relevant opportunities from around the globe
Market Acceptance and Clientele
  • Working with 5 of the top 10 music publishers for integrating a portion of their catalog into MyPart's AI
  • We on boarded world famous record labels and artist managers of top-tier performing artists, and launched successful pilots with our end-to-end song sourcing platform  
  • Proud members of Abbey Road Red, hosted by the world famous London music studio and audio Innovation lab, that has been successfully fostering a new generation of deep tech music start-ups
Innovation | USP

Finding a song that’s a true match for specific needs is an excruciating manual process. The challenge stretches beyond the traditional music industry (artist development / placements), affecting core processes in the media ecosystem (TV/Film), marketing agencies (ads), social & distribution platforms. MyPart offers anyone looking for music to effectively identify relevant songs among the flood of potential ones. It also revolutionizes creative content flow for millions of unsolicited lyricsts and musicians

The proprietary technology we’ve developed, based on a wide technology stack that includes DSP, NLP and additional machine learning powered feature extraction methods, as well as an ensemble of prediction techniques - is a real game changer for song search. Two key qualities are probably the most differentiating:
The ability to search for songs with a set of reference songs. We created a song fingerprinting technique that abstracts the DNA of a song in a way that enables searching for songs with common harmonic, melodic, lyrical, acoustic and structural features to any set of reference songs
A unique and distinct focus on the semantics and aesthetics of song lyrics. Lyrics matter. At the heart of our approach is a special focus on automatically analysing lyrics and song titles. Words provide songs with deeper context and set the atmosphere. They do so because they immediately trigger certain feelings or memories of ours, but they also have a poetic rhythm of their own, aesthetics that complement and enhance music. We automatically discern a wide range of literary devices such as repetition and stress patterns, rhyming and alliteration schemes, structure, vocabulary usage, etc.

Awards | Prizes

MyPart have won the MassChallenge IL 2018 Gold Award and the DLD Innovation competition's 2nd place.


MyPart is composed of a very strong team of ex 8200 intelligence corps graduates with data science, machine learning and engineering expertise, as well as experienced music and lyric scholars.
Matan Kollenscher (Founder and CEO) - An IDF Major, winner of the 2009 Technological Creative Thinking award, with an Electricity & Computer Engineering BSc and an MBA majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Hebrew University. Matan has over 15 years of experience in developing complex software systems, 13 of which as project lead and R&D manager of up to 20 developers, and over 6 years of international business development experience. Matan is an active musician with 4 years of songwriting and composition studies at Rimon School of Contemporary Music and HebrewU's Musicology department, and a published poet who won the 2011 "Rachel Negev" award for written poetry
Ariel Gadilov (Founder and COO) - An experienced entrepreneur with in-depth financial and legal know-how, including 6 years at Intel's treasury department, a Jazz enthusiast and trumpet player. Ariel served as COO and director of multiple ventures and has excellent interpersonal and managerial capabilities, has over 7 years of managerial experience, over 5 years of Corporate Risk Management experience for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions and contractual engagements and insurance expertise

Ronny Vance - President. Former president of Geffen and Interscope Music, responsible for signings of artists with over 200M records sold including Tupac, Gwen Stefani, New Edition etc.

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TheTime and FirstTime
Udi Mokady
Tristan Jehan

Advisory Board

MyPart's business team includes international music/tech industry leaders such as:

Evan Bogart - Head Coach. Grammy-winning songwriter who wrote Beyoncé's "Halo", Rihanna's "SOS" and tens of other chart-leading songs for Britney Spears, Hot Chelle Rae, Adam Lambert, MKTO etc. 
Tristan Jehan - Advisory board member. Former Director of Research @ Spotify, co-founder and CTO of The Echo Nest, PhD in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT
Howard Appelbaum - Advisory board member. Former President of Nielsen Entertainment and Billboard
Cliff Fluet -  Advisory board member. Managing Director of Eleven, championing disruptive businesses. Digital strategy expert and advisor to some of the world's biggest names in digital, mobile, social, music and live events
Charles Salice -  Advisory board member. Former managing partner of S&D, a top commercial production company that produced music videos for Taylor Swift, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Shakira etc.

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