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Ocean is an online music making platform. Using just your web browser, you can make sample based music with our simple set of musical tools and curated sound library. Through the magic of the web, you can collaboratively make tunes with friends in real time simply by sharing your project link.

Ocean lifts the barriers that are often associated with electronic music-making & enables people to enjoy making music, exploring sounds and collaborating with people globally.

We started with the simple belief that electronic music-making should be accessible, affordable and fun for all, not an exclusive, expensive hobby.

Innovation | USP

Ocean's superpower is its simple and fun approach to UX and UI and speed at which you can get your ideas realised. Oh and that you can jam with friends across the world in real time and explore musical ideas through the magic of the internet.

We aim to subvert and question the often stuffy and unwelcoming world of electronic music production and opt making a fun and accessible music platform for as many people as possible to access through the web.

No £10,000 studio? No problem.

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Beta got featured on product hunt w/ 400+ upvotes




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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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