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Enabling music producers to find loops that perfectly fit


Jamahook developed the world’s first and only sound-matching artificial intelligence. An AI-driven plugin that enables music producers to instantly find loops and samples that perfectly complement their music projects. The revolutionary technology transforms the way we create music.


The plugin listens to the audio mix of a song, analyses the melodic content, and then suggests rhythmically and harmonically matching loops that are perfectly compatible. Music producers can preview them in sync with the current project - and load them directly into their DAW if they like them. All with a 100 % free license.
This plugin provides music producers with a solution to work more efficiently and become more inspired in their creative processes.
Jamahook is set to become part of every music producer’s standard plugin collection.

Even though music producers have access to an abundance and ever-growing variety of loops and samples, finding the ones that fit into the current music production processes can be exhausting and tiring. This often results in hours of back and forward listening, eventually resulting in songs ending up as half-finished projects or creators getting stuck in a writer’s blockade.
The Jamahook plugin solves those problems by enabling music producers to come up with new ideas for songs quickly and efficiently. Allowing them to spend more time focusing on other creative aspects of their production.

The Jamahook AI analyses dozens of acoustic properties in a music project and creates a separate data set for each of the individual elements. Deep neural networks connect all this data in a database with regard to rhythm and harmony. The plugin then automatically recommends in real-time a selection of loops for each musical segment that complement the current song - effectively creating a huge music recommendation machine. The AI algorithm even incorporates matches from other keys through pitch shifting and automatically transposes them to suit the project.
Producers can audition the selections and drag out their favorites to include them in their creations, or further narrow down the search by filtering instruments, moods, genres, or loops with similar grooves. The Jamahook plugin doesn't provide playlists for songs, but a list of beats and loops that perfectly complement the source material.

At the moment, Jamahook's database has hundreds of thousands high quality and royalty-free loops from various musical genres. The company constantly expands this music library by acquiring new loops from creative people from all around the world. An AI-based music classification system from Fraunhofer IDMT automatically annotates and categorizes unlabelled music data in the Jamahook Cloud to identify audio samples and loops that fit a music producer's needs best.

The Jamahook Sound Matching plugin is compatible with all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that support the following VST (Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology) and AU (macOS Audio Unit). An AAX version for the ProTools (AVID) plugin format is planned for 2023.


The Jamahook plugin is free to download. Monthly subscription plans for loops start from 3.99 € per month in the Artist tier. Studio (9,99 €) and Pro (19,99 €) plans are also available.

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Together with Fraunhofer IDMT, we have developed the world's fist and only sound matching AI.The Jamahook algorithm analyzes dozens of acoustic properties of musical building blocks, the so-called loops or beats, and creates a separate data set for each of these individual elements.

By using artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, connect all this data in a database with regard to rhythm and harmony. This information is then used to suggest new possible, suitable music components in real time for each musical segment - effectively creating a huge music recommendation machine. However, it does not automatically create playlists of songs, but lists of beats and loops that optimally complement the selected music source.



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