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Media Leap


Personal Music Streaming Service


Media Leap is a personal music streaming service allowing you to upload your music and listen to it online via a web browser, mobile app (both iOS and Android), and download music onto your devices allowing for offline listening.

Media Leap was built to make it easier for people to transition from physical audio sources such as CDs to digital and allowing you to manage any digital tracks you have making it easier to access your music 24/7.

We have to build a product that caters to both casual users and high fidelity users. This is why we allow the uploading and streaming of MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files.

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Innovation | USP

1. Upload various music formats
2. Upload multiple files at once
3. Create Playlists
4. Search functionality
5. Various devices supported
6. Edit song info and album art
7. Download, Sync, and off-line listening



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