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Jambl – Music Making App

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Make your beats come true


JAMBL is instant-music-maker with a strong focus on online and live collaboration. With Jambl anyone can create music, while our algorithm will make sure you're in tune and in the groove. JAMBL enables total creative freedom with no technical or musical knowledge. Its music engine lets users of any age or musical experience create and share music instantly. Not just mixing loops together - you are actually making music. It's designed for social and allow users combine self-expression and social media sharing over new media formats. Users can add videos with musical filters to their music and share it online or in-app, get on the user charts and participate in competitions. Try here ---​>>>

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The most intuitive UX. Also our MCeo is a crazy genius.


Gad Hinkis / Marika Saridi / Andro Kubonin

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Berlin, Germany