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As music producers, we've long been wondering why there is no specialized infrastructure to facilitate music collaboration = a more structured approach to managing files and versions across different collaborators.
ununu is a tool that takes care of just that. It is your new music specific wetransfer that integrates with your DAW, allows you to share projects and manage versions and files across n collaborators.

We want to transform a formerly fragmented process into a smooth and interactive experience and empower artists from around the globe to collaborate effortlessly.
Check out ununu V1 at !

Innovation | USP

ununu is a collaboration tool specifically for music projects. It integrates with your DAW and allows you to share projects with collaborators without having to deal with folder structures, naming conventions, resource management etc.

ununu makes music collaboration effortlessly with only 2 clicks.

Awards & Prizes

#2 Blockathon de la musique (cologne, 2020)

#1 Music WorX Accelerator (JuryAward, Hamburg, 2020)
#1 Music WorX Accelerator (AudienceAward, Hamburg, 2020)

Selected from over 530 global applications to MOZILLA MVP SPRING LAB 2020.



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Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

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