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Why Ridline?

We talked to live industry professionals from 11 different countries and found out that the communication around live concert technical briefs is difficult. Riders are lengthy, difficult to process, in different formats, sometimes not updated and difficult to create with no good tools or structure as standard.

How Ridline helps?

Work faster - one of the most intuitive rider creation softwares ever to exist. No more time spent on googling and finding solutions to create your stageplot. Your performance needs can be all professionally created and stored in one place.

Save time - The software has been designed together with sound engineers so that all performance needs can be read out in a fast and efficient way. With a clear and structured proposal the artist crew will save time from advancing and the organizing crew from processing.

Work smarter - Work in cloud and stay up to date. Automatic timestamps will avoid costly mistakes of sending out an old rider.

Enjoy several additional services - automatic updates whether your rider has reached the destination, crew collaboration , strong security and privacy.

What is Ridline?

Ridline is an online rider creation software that allows to express performance needs in a professional way. Created in collaboration with live industry professionals across the globe.


Innovation | USP

Ridline is tailored for the music industry needs. It's the most intuitive rider creating softwares ever to exist, created in collaboration with live industry professionals across the globe.

Awards & Prizes

To date, Ridline has:

Won Creative Hackathon 2016(EST)

Won Startup Passion 2016 (FIN)

Top 30 from 330 ideas in Ajujaht (EST) 2018

Won Kiuas accelerator (FIN) June 2018

Won Ship* Startup Festival (FIN) 2018

Participant in Wallifornia MusicTech Accelerator (BELGIUM) 2020



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Veerenni Tänav 24, Tallinn, Estonia

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