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Joe's Academy of Music

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Joe's Academy of Music


Music may remind you of the old days — a time before your responsibilities as an adult piled up. Did you ever think about what music can do for you now? An education in music opens doors at school and beyond. Are you stuck in a dull, tedious routine and need an exciting change? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Look no further; Joe's Academy of Music can help! Intrigued? Well, read more to find out more. Today, many children are introduced to music through interactive video games and gadgets such as I-pods. These devices may turn out to be a fad. We strongly believe in teaching the visual Queens music lessons and auditory pleasures actual musical instruments offer. Joe's Academy of Music is a thriving facility offering private music instruction on violin, cello, bass, and piano. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, learning about music for personal fulfillment or as a means to create a higher-level career through formal training.

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Since 1998, Joe's has been serving New York with award-winning music and dance programs for all ages, including instruction in more than a dozen instruments, voice, and both classical and modern dance.


Jolander Headley

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114-04 Farmers Boulevard, Queens, New York 11412, United States