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Gigscene connects musicians with live music venues.


Gigscene is an innovative online platform connecting musicians and concert organizers. We want to modernize and simplify the way that concerts and live music events are being booked and to help musicians perform more easily, even abroad. On, musicians can apply directly to available gigs sorted by music genre, city and style, in venues programming live music.

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Gigscene offers a concrete solution to a common problem faced by both musicians and live music venues all around the world. Concert organizers gets hundreds of emails per day from bands asking for a concert date, clearly lacking a digital tool to handle concert booking more easily.
Our mission is to become the new digital tool that all venues with live music as well as musicians worldwide (professional or amateur) would use from now on for their booking.
We want to create a live music marketplace ((Airbnb for Live Music) and an international network of musicians and concert organizers.

Awards & Prizes

- Fighters’ Program at Station F – world’s biggest startup campus
- First prize in the startup competition - AllezHop Digital futures in culture, in Mannheim
- "Innovation" prize from La Nouvelle Onde at the MaMA Convention 2018
- Finalist of the Pitch Pro contest at the PhD Talent Fair 2018
- Special mention from the jury at the PitchTonInno 2018 - Bpi Inno Générations
- Finalist at the JEA – Beelys & Hublo Festival, in Lyon



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    Gigscene - Adéla Pudláková (CEO)
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Station F, 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris, 75013, France

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