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eddy.App, a software to strengthen label/artists relations


Eddy.App is the latest product of the Right’s Up, a royalties management software. Launched in 2019 by young entrepreneurs Damien Morjane and Quentin Verhaeghe, is based in Brussels, Berlin and New-York.

With its user-friendly portal and features designed for independent labels, the new software enables structures (record labels, music companies, etc)  to easily create and share transparent royalty statements with their artists. These elements allow both parties to exchange clearly and transparently on the revenue they are owed.

Characteristics proposes three packages ranging from €29 to €189 (currently from £25 to £163) to depending on the features provided to labels. The software allows importing artists’ catalogues quickly and offers an assistant to correct sales imports errors. The tool also provides artists with statistics and online royalties reports. Moreover, it’s possible to adapt reporting according to each separate contract (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or “upon request”).

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Why do labels opt for

-       Time saving: With, the days of spending endless hours behind spreadsheets risking potentially-biased results because of the merging of documents is now a thing of the past. Eddy automatically classifies revenue from sales statement across.

-       Easy to use: The solution developed by the Belgian start-up boasts an extensive and easy to tame user experience.

-       Transparent: allows labels to share royalties figures with their artists, completely transparently.

-       Flexible: Thanks to its versatile reporting, allows labels to adapt to the needs of artists.

-       Pricing: The start-up offers its product at an attractive rate on a very competitive market.



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    Damien Morjane | Rights'Up S.A
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Chaussée De La Hulpe - Terhulpsesteenweg 185, Watermael-Boitsfort, 1170 Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgique

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