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Officially licensed music for performance sports worldwide.


ClicknClear are an award winning music licensing and rightstech startup delivering officially licensed music to performance sports worldwide - a $2.4Bn annual untapped revenue opportunity for music. We work directly with record labels and publishers to clear a unique bundle of rights needed by our market and make that music available on our marketplace. We then put B2B deals in place with International Sports Federations to implement our license verification technology and enforce the use of licensed music.

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ClicknClear is the first and only music licensing and rights tech company providing a solution to performance sports with a suite of technology that enables them to use music legally.

Our platforms work together to ensure all parts of each sport are using music legally from the teams editing and adapting music through to the event producers or 3rd parties filming competitions and exploiting that content elsewhere.

We offer a 360 solution through 3 key platforms:

A Rights Management Database
Matches master and publishing rights together and controls the upload of music onto the licensing platform.

Licensing Platform
Marketplace where teams can instantly legally license music and store their agreements

License Verification System
Ingests music mixes made by teams, recognises the music being used and verifies it against the teams license agreements to deliver a fully auditable trail of licensing to federations and event producers at all competitions in their sport.

Awards & Prizes

Ny:Lon 'Best Startup'

Midemlab 'Music Discovery & Distribution'

Women of the Future 'Entrepreneur'



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    Chantal Epp, Founder & CEO of ClicknClear
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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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