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WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)


Want to know if your music is playing on the radio?


WARM is a new digital service that allows you to track music played on the radio all around the world, in real-time! It's a new powerful tool for improving royalty collection, optimizing promotion strategies, and target markets in new areas. Get detailed insights on where your music is playing right now!

The service monitors an impressive collection of +28.000 radio stations, which makes it the largest and most accurate radio monitor on the market.

WARM has the purpose of giving true transparency to artists/bands, record labels, PR agencies, and booking agents.


Innovation | USP

Highly accessable and low-cost radio data. Largest collection of radio stations in one service. Monitors more than 28,000 radio stations in real-time.

Awards & Prizes

2017 Startup Sesame (Accelerator program)

2017  SLUSH Music startup competition
2018  Accelerace (Accelerator program)
2018 Grant ”Music Moves Europe”

2018  Grant ”Innobooster”
2019  MusicWorx (Accelerator program)
2019 JUMP Accelerator program
2019 Sony Startup (Accelerator program)



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Copenhagen, Capital RegionDenmark, Denmark

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