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Vezt - Fans Provide Artist Advances For Royalties


The App Where Artists Monetize Fractional Rights From Fans


Vezt is the first blockchain-based platform where fans can participate in the royalties of their favorite songs, and music rights holders can monetize fractional rights (as little as 1%) directly from the public with full reversions. We call it "Crowdfunded Micro-Publishing." We work with both major and independent artists/writers/producers/labels and publishers.

We launched in both the iOS and Android app stores in September of 2018, and have featured more than 350 Initial Song Offerings (ISO™) - raising more than $750,000 for our rights holders. We have completed more than 27,000 paid transactions through our platform, providing almost immediate monetization opportunities for artists of all genres of music.

Innovation | USP

While there are many options for advances and loans to artists, Vezt offers the direct involvement of your most important asset - your fans! Vezt turns fans into advocates - when they participate in a fractional interest in your royalties, they share your music with their friends and social networks, resulting in more streams, downloads and plays of your songs on a global basis. Artists can monetize 3, 5 or 10 years of royalty income in a 30 day Initial Song Offering (ISO™).



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