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We are Patch XR- A Swiss-Danish software house specialized in Mix Realities (XR) art and music technology.

We are changing the way we interact with computers, and computer music by taking advantage of Mixed Reality technologies to create a native engine that gets rid of the limitations of the screen and replaces the clicking of a mouse for the gestures of the body. Turn any surrounding environment into your own shareable music playground, where you can access infinite library of instruments .
A new way to play, build, think, and enjoy music

Innovation | USP

We are combining the modularity and systematic play of concepts like Lego or Minecrfat and combining it with computer music. Then, we bring it to Mix Realities where sound, hapics and graphics co-exist like in no other medium. Think of it as the Minecraft of music.


Eduardo Fouilloux: CEO/ Director
Christian Heinrichs, PhD: Audio Direction
Mélodie Mousset: ART Direction

Operating Status