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Nagual Sounds

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We turn data into music!


We have developed a totally unique method to convert data streams into tonal music, in real-time!

Just like a jazz pianist uses scales and chords for the interpretation of an existing song, a computer can do the same using the appropriate software. Through the software engine developed by us, input data can be used as a tool to personalize pieces of music, in order to create individual interpretations of it in real-time. Through this technology, music is vividly and intuitively controllable. This method can be used with all available kinds of sensor data, and since we are in constant contact with sensors, this technology has a great number of applications.

The Interactive Song

An Interactive Song is an interactive piece of music that doesn’t consist of pre-recorded musical sequences but of musical possibilities. The music decides the behavior of the used data source.

The process in which a snowflake develops may illustrate this:
Physical laws form an always-identical basis for crystallization. But different environmental conditions create unique snowflakes.

The same applies to the "Interactive Song" technology:
The preferences of an interactive song offer the same musical possibilities. The behavior of the data-input then generates unique music

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Our patented technology can turn any kind of data stream into tonal musical structures in real-time. Making it possible to use any digital data source as input in order to generate and control music.

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» „Kreativpilot Deutschlands“ by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.
» Society 3 GoToStartups Award.
» Audience Award at Music TechPitch 4.5.
» Midemlab Award, category „Music Discovery, Recommendation, and Creation“,
» "Design Prize Berlin-Brandenburg", category „Interface Design“.
» “Rethink Music Venture Day“ Award.


Artur Reimer
Mark Moebius
Matthias Strobel
Sébastien Roger
Stephan Höhme

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Springer Capital
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