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Jammy MIDI guitar


Innovative portable stringed MIDI controller


Jammy is an innovative backpack-sized stringed MIDI controller for music producers, songwriters, and nomadic guitarists of the digital age.

Using the proprietary set of sensors attached to strings and frets, Jammy performs better than pitch-to-MIDI solutions, having the latency as low as 10—12 ms.

Yet another thing that makes Jammy stand out is its unique modular construction that allows for super-portability. Having detached the neck and the frame, you'll get an instrument that fits into any backpack and complies with airlines' carry-on regulations, being only 17" long when disassembled!

Jammy also has an onboard sound-generating processor with a ¼" and a ⅛" audio jack outputs allowing to plug it into an amp or use with the regular earphones. This means you can test your musical ideas right away without the need to connect to any mediating device like a phone or computer!

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Jammy guitar is an innovative product, that changes the MIDI-controller industry:

* Super-portable MIDI guitar with adjustable-tension steel strings, fits into your backpack, only 17'' when disassembled, 27" when assembled
* Works as a MIDI controller either via USB-C port or Bluetooth, compatible with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or music notation software
* With onboard guitar sounds, plugs via 1/4" and 1/8" jacks, lets you play through your headphones or a guitar amp
* Has a mobile app that allows to change tunings, customize MIDI behavior, use a metronome, emulate effects pedals and play along to backing tracks

Awards & Prizes
  • Best in Show Award at NAMM
  • Red Dot Award for Product Design


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    Jammy Instruments
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