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Gigmit is a smart matching platform where musicians and organizers come together.
Marcus, the founder of gigmit has been organizing events himself. Based on his experience he came up with the idea to radically simplify the cumbersome booking process in the live music business using digital technology.
Since the founding of gigmit in 2012, more than 110,000 artists have been registered to apply to live events of all genres. In addition, according to gigmit numbers more than 7,000 organizers have registered. So far, more than 30,000 performance opportunities have been advertised on gigmit.

Innovation | USP is an event database and booking management tool for live music professionals and covers the entire booking process from first contact all the way to the deal. The platform transforms a very time-consuming process into a transparent and simplified online procedure - thereby saving everyone’s time and effort. The intelligent matching algorithm of is designed to help artists find better gig opportunities and promoters to find the perfect artist for their event.



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Berlin, Deutschland

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