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Felix Haaksman


As HearDis! Managing Director, Felix Haaksman oversees business operations and provides strategic leadership. His focus and perseverance are invaluable to nurture an organisational infrastructure that unlocks opportunities for the company to thrive.  

Following a special calling to venture into the world of music and sound, Felix devoted his early quests as an eager music producer, where a DJ career led him to cross paths with label owner and future HearDis! co-founder Robin Hofmann. Keen to explore the potential of audio content across industries, Felix pursued an engineering degree in Media Technology where his passion for Audio Branding unfolded. He next swiftly mastered skills in the sector by supervising music on audio visual works for esteemed brands. Soon after, Felix’ appreciation for corporate sound shared with now business accomplice Robin Hofmann is officially marked by HearDis!, launched in 2005 with the mission of making brands audibly distinctive and memorable.

Felix boasts an ability to lead successful turnarounds while maintaining firm direction toward long-term objectives. His determination and serene frame of mind allow Felix to excel in high-pressure situations, setting a strong foundation for operating with best practice and establishing respect in the industry. At the same time, Felix’ genuine character and positive attitude towards work encourages commitment to common goals from the HearDis! members, creating a vision that inspires and draws the organisation forwards.

Adept at business strategy and financial planning, Felix oversaw operations on behalf of the large scale research and innovation project ABC_DJ, which involved leading research institutes - such as IRCAM, TU Berlin, Sinus-Marktforschung - over a period of three years with funding granted by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme.

With foresight to understand industry dynamics and trajectories, Felix promotes innovation as a key asset to ensure the company’s relevance, distinction and progress in the marketplace. In such an approach lies Felix’ ability to create a front running enterprise that is responsive and accommodates high-growth scenarios. His long-lasting experience in the audio visual sector together with his entrepreneurial profile to steer resources makes Felix a hands-on leader renowned for his intellect around IP and inception of new business ventures across the music, media and technology domains.

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HearDis! is the sole player in the market to offer a comprehensive audio branding that benefits all touchpoints of a company: physical presence, online presence, TV, radio, cinema, mobile, corporate, workspace and more. At the core of HearDis! unique audio branding approach are intuitive and smart tools that companies can integrate in their branding strategy to optimise internal workflows and marketing endeavours. In doing so, HearDis! enhances the omni-channel experience and brand perception of companies, elevating their value proposition to end customers.

Awards | Prizes

Won funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 688122

Awarded status of Key Innovator by the European Commission

Won funding from IGP - Innovation program for business models and pioneering solutions


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