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AI Music

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Music that listens to you


AI Music is at the forefront of exploring how artificial intelligence can change and adapt music. Quite simply, we believe music should be accessible and contextually relevant for both its creators and its listeners. 

With our Infinite Music Engine and other proprietary technology, we deliver bespoke solutions for marketers, publishers, fitness professionals, creative agencies and many more. 

Music that adapts to your heartbeat, audio advertising that matches listener context, universal licenses across formats... All of this is possible, and more, thanks to our adaptive solutions, with cutting-edge research and scalable in-house development. 

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We aren't just another AI music production company. We work closely with professional, classically trained musicians to make generative music that is easily adaptable for both creators and listeners.

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Drum Award, November 2019 for Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership.

OMMA Award, October 2019 for Media Elements/Audio Creativity and Ingenuity.

  • Siavash Mahdavi Co-founder & CEO
  • Inderjit Birdee Co-founder & Head of Strategy
  • Andrew Khavand Co-founder & Head of Music
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London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom