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Wireless Eurorack CV interface


“Dance the Music” describes the novel music tech product 2.4SINK which uses multiple high-precision motion sensors and unique algorithms to control electronic instruments via a performer’s or instrumentalist’s own movements. It bridges the gap between IoT technologies and musical instruments and opens up new levels of creativity and individuality.

Additionally 2.4SINK supports Ableton Link, Open Sound Control (OSC) and Bluetooth® MIDI to be compatible with a wide range of applications (e.g. Max, SuperCollider, DAWs), sensors and maker technologies. Built-in LFOs with different waveforms and 16 multimode outputs cover all kinds of control signals. OSC and Ableton Link compatible mobile apps can be used to control up to 16 parameters of a Eurorack system.

The open interface of the 2.4SINK module offers experimental ways of interacting, which in combination with all features leads to a powerful unprecedented modular experience.

Innovation | USP

Our branded Movesense motion sensors are powered with state-of-the-art sensor fusion based on accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer resulting in high precision motion tracking comparable to a Theremin. A custom transmission protocol supporting floating point numbers based on Bluetooth LE is used to achieve an overall latency under 10 milliseconds with minimum quantization errors. Up to seven sensors can be used simultaneously. Additionally, 2.4SINK is compatible with other common protocols, making in suitable for many sensors and devices from other manufacturers as well.

Awards & Prizes

International Sound Awards - Better Sound Award 2020

Successful Kickstarter Campaign ($25k)



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Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland

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